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Internet AdCom Services takes pride in the dedication it assures to all its clients. Established in 1995, IAS continues to provide the services necessary for those interested in establishing a presence on the Internet.

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Our Staff is trained in DOS and Windows technology. If you are new to the 'Net, or have recently purchased a new computer, let one of our consultants assist you in raising your expertise. Having technical difficulties? Need to purchase a computer? IAS can help. Call 646-808-0764 today for a Free Consultation.

Web Design

Placing clients onto the 'Net has been Internet AdCom Service's specialty from the beginning. From a business card type presence, to producing content, to E-commerce transactions, IAS will help you in deciding which Internet presence is correct for you.

Rate Sheet


Blue Ball Gif Page supplied by you - $ 75.00 per month;

Blue Ball Gif Page developed by IAS -

$500.00 1 time set-up fee, plus expenses
$250.00 monthly fee, unlimited updates
$125.00 per month, $50 per update.

Note: If you desire your own Domain address (www.yourname.com) please be prepared to add $70.00 for registering your domain for the first 2 years, followed by an annual $35.00 fee payable to InterNIC. (This fee is flexible, depending upon how many years the domain is paid in advance for.)


Links to other Web Pages developed by Internet AdCom Services are available with either method you choose.

Please note: If you plan on supplying your own page, you will have unlimited update access throughout the year. All updates will be posted within 48 hours of being received.


Internet AdCom Services also produces content for our clients.

If you are interested in advertising on any of these pages, please Contact IAS for our current quotes.

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